Endearing me..

I miss those mirthful moments spent with me
When my winged little thoughts could fly free

The Pleasing emptiness and enjoyed space
No breathing space now a crowded place

Long monologues I whispered to my mind
Now no time to pamper myself and be kind

I wish to get lost in my same own old “then”
Shunning others praise that would invite pain

I wish to befriend a lost different me in me
Venturing errands with me, I will love to see.

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

18 thoughts on “Endearing me..

    1. Your words have relieved & revealed me ! Something I was searching a lot & not found till now! Finding the self is most joyous ! you have done that ! What a word power ! Awesome !Thanks a Lot chitkala !

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  1. Beautiful poem…same here within me…there is a beautiful world hiding within me, which remained unexplored…”Know thyself” said ancient philosophers !…

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    1. No it is about the space we search for ourselves…its about the time we need to find to love ourselves to do what our hear feels..to pamper and please our wishes that remain incomplete when we try to please the rest of the world..

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