The lost emotion

The lost emotion,
Flew away with the wind,
Like the butterfly with a broken wing;

The little tear,
Slipped down in the rain,
Searching itself in the lake of pain;

The blush on cheeks,
Disappeared in simple smiles,
Walking in desert spread across miles,

That lost love,
Vanished in the dark,
It failed to understand the loving heart…

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

59 thoughts on “The lost emotion

  1. “The little tear,
    Slipped down in the rain,
    Searching itself in the lake of pain;”

    My favorite 🙂 I have a friend right now living out this image and it is a painful thing to witness. You painted the picture beautifully.

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  2. You create beautiful images with your words…I enjoy your application of literary devices and the honesty of your pen…beautiful poetry


  3. Hello beautiful! Nice to see your faithful visit again. I like your ‘Lost Emotions’. It came to me a long time ago, those are ‘Feelings–just fleeting emotions with no intrinsic value.’ It’s worth it to rid our minds of such distractions. 🙂

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  4. Status Quo
    Untitled We are all humans .

    There is no doubt, even though this poem is 16 years old, the this type of problem

    is now a lot worse than back then.

    Status Quo

    For now the streets are cluttered:

    The poor kill off the poor,

    But this won’t last forever

    If the “Quo” keeps getting worse.

    Guns for sale in neighborhoods

    Where crime is the only living

    Quarts and vials and bullets

    Take without ever giving.

    “Innocent” bystanders

    Are the ones to blame.

    Standing by in times like these

    Leaves everything the same.

    The quo goes “living standards

    Will be on the decline.”

    While multi-national barons

    Continue their money climb.

    No chums around a fireplace

    When you can’t pay the bills.

    While money-man is traveling

    In search of bigger thrills.

    Sooner rather than later

    The poor will raise their arms.

    Replacing all the suited men

    Regardless of the harm.

    The system as we know it’

    Is fading thanks to this:

    The greedy haven’t realized

    Their life ain’t worth a piss.

    The ticking clock inside the bomb

    Has passed the witching hour.

    There is little hope for most,

    So when will freedom flower?

    It will when people with the time

    Turn to lend a hand,

    It will when greedy governors

    Give back a hunk of land

    The quo has made it possible

    For us to live like rats.

    Your life to them means nothing

    You could end up a stat.

    As the status quo gets worse

    Violence rules the day.

    We better help each other now.

    Let us pray.

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  5. It’s so sad when people walk away from love, or deny love for frivolous or self-hatred issues. Or when a couple falls out of love. Some hang on though all positive emotions are missing. This happens a lot once a couple has children. One is happy, then othr not. The love is gone but they fake it to keep the children on their path.

    Broadly, when violence and greed take over for caring and sharing people get trapped in The hate and forget how to love entirely. In my country many were denied love because their parents had none

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  6. I have been reading several of your compositions, and have to say, that I really love your stuff. It really cuts to the heart, and the words are so moving. I am inspired by your writings, as I am sure others are as well

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  7. This is absolutely beautiful. It seems to have a profound depth, beyond my calibre to perceive. Have a look at my page as well, would love to hear from a wonderful poet such as you. Cheers! 🙂

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