Rolling on the dreams..

Rolling on the dreams of clouds,
I am awakened when I fall on bed;
To hide it I have a silent shroud,
But in the dainty dreams I wade;

Closing my eyes to paint & fantasize,
A colorful picture lively & sensational;
Knitting knots of the tempting tiny ties,
Pleasing myself in calm contemplation;

Struggling with the truths and dreams,
I embrace reality with determination;
Dreams flow away like water streams,
Gifting the heart with a special emotion..

-Chitkala Mulye

27 thoughts on “Rolling on the dreams..”

  1. ą¤¶ą¤¬ą„ą¤¦ą¤¾ą¤‚ą¤šą„ą¤Æą¤¾ “ą¤¹ą„€” ą¤Ŗą¤²ą„€ą¤•ą¤”ą¤šą„€ ą¤•ą¤µą¤æą¤¤ą¤¾. Speechless..! Great…!


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