Learn the ‘transparency’ of water!
It’s astonishing! It easily takes color;

Hasty flow like racing water and the time,
Towards future, leaving memories behind;

Un-expectant, unconditional heart so clear,
Quenching thirst and healing everyone near;

Like free untrammelled un-arrested flow,
Nourish and flourish wherever you go.

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

29 thoughts on “Water

  1. Very well said, Chitkala ! I love this !
    Water is a wonder created by almighty ! its anomalous behavior also supports life !
    In Sanskrit they call it ” JEEVAN ” , that means life !

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  2. Beautiful. So simple yet explains so much. I wouldn’t have thought of it like that.

    Also, thank you for giving my poem, The Path of Fate, a Like.
    I’m new to WordPress and new to sharing my work with the world. I hope it connects with someone. I’m attempting to post about 5 poems a week with reviews of stuff on the other days.

    -Drem of https://artofdrem.wordpress.com

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  3. Very well done! The music—meter and prosody is what makes a poem a real poem. Three stops in the first stanza, and then the next rushes (the precise choice and arrangement of words) ahead. The line, “Like free untrammelled un-arrested flow” is perfect iambic pentameter.

    Every day, I see poems that are actually prose pieces arranged in a column of short lines and no music I can hear. To quote Ezra Pound (the art, not the artist, people) hopefully without paraphrase, “When poetry moves too far from music, it rots.”

    Do I sound like a madman about formal poetry? I am!


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