Move on

The warmth of the bed holds me there
But I leave those mushy dreams there

Twinkling nights intoxicating fire flies
Embracing sunshine losing moony ties,

Getting drenched in the rain so wet,
Bidding rain ‘good bye’ I don’t wait;

Seasons of life change their colors fast,
I enjoy ‘today’ forgetting the ‘passed’ past;

Butterfly flying from one flower to other,
Relishing the nectar of ‘today’s flower’;

Not looking behind, the water stream races,
‘Moving on’ not looking at the path it traces..

Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

22 thoughts on “Move on

  1. Great must never remain fixed up in any stage of life or even state of mind… moving om is the best gift we have got fron nature.

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