The True You

The line of grabbing opportunity,
Separates thoughts and reality;

The thought brushes the mind,
It’s the reflection of ‘your kind’;

The mirror shows thinking pattern,
And not the story of your ‘action’;

Don’t deceive by what you ‘do’,
What you ‘think’ is actually true;

You hide secretly deep inside,
The mask one day would slide;

Your action will always prove you pure,
It won’t deceive your heart for sure!!

Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

32 thoughts on “The True You

  1. Very meaningful poem…we always dream for ideal world in our thoughts…we dream for an Eutopia…one can’t always live by the ideal theory of life…because the winding paths of life is very treacherous…in order to deal with reality, sometimes we have to compromise with reasonable limit…moderation or compromise is needed for many aspect of life…Besides to err is human…we grow through trial and error… the aspiration of the poem is my aspiration too…but an ideal world or system exists only in paradise or in poetry …very lovely and ideal poem…

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