One Forever

The sun slept behind the mountains snow clad,

And “we” inside the blanket of love in the warmth it had,

The night dazzled with stars brighter than the sun,

Under the twinkling dark umbrella

we two were one,

Journey of togetherness, understanding that lived so long,

A fresh start with the cherished evergreen charm,

Walking hand in hand with memories sweet,spicy & sour,

Eyes brimmed with contentment & urge to explore more,

Life changing its color from “you- me ” to the forever “we”,

Intertwined, intermingled for ages! The world will see,

Scenting and coloring in love will take us a way long,

Enriching in the co-life giving birth to a mellifluous song..

Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

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