The monster

I was alone, afraid & trembling in the dark,

The monster appeared unjust and stark;

The air in the room was heavily chanted,

Frozen with fear I was totally fragmented;

The power game black mailed emotions,

Enhancing the gravity of dreadful inhibitions;

The struggle of good and evil went on and on,

The dogs howled loud till the wake of dawn;

Sleepless nights full of horrifying nightmares,

No ray of hope to breathe the divine air;

Suffocated I laid trapped on the floor,

Searching for the keys of lockless door;

The conscience rose high tall and strong,

Filled with purity that survived for long;

The war in darkness met an early end,

By the rescuer of true ness that my heart sent

Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

32 thoughts on “The monster

  1. The last line about the trueness of the heart driving away the darkness was a good surprise, and suddenly all the previous lines fall in perspective. Well structured.

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  2. The poem was interesting to read. I take a psychoanalytic interpretation; the monster is your own lurking repressed ID. The ID lets it go wild but then you have the Ego and the Super Ego controlling it. Yes the monster has been harassed and made tame or sublimated.. It’s an expression of growing up and coming to terms with your own maturity. Anand Bose from Kerala

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