Open to experience

Open to experience! I am like the land lush green,

Enjoying the hurricanes! Still so pure and serene!

I love the invasions, I welcome the storms,

I glow with confidence, breaking the set norms;

My skin tanned brown, the bright sun shine,

With persistent hard work, getting softer and fine;

The water shares stories as it soothes me,

I learn more from it, as I let it flow free;

Life is a dynamic change, it enriches me with time,

Filling music in me, like the singing wind chime!

Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

23 thoughts on “Open to experience

  1. I took the description of nature to be a metaphor for how various events and experiences in life actually shape you, teach you. Like the fresh green land is irrevocably altered by hurricanes or rivers, but it takes something from every invasion. And the tanned skin a suggestion that we should keep ourselves open for experiences.

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    1. Yes!!!That’s right..and just like the land gets enriched with the alluvial magic we too get enriched with experiences and adds value to our life making us greener and younger and more beautiful…:)


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