The drop of bliss

The drop of my eternal bliss,

Fell on the pretty red flower,

Blessing with a lovely kiss,

For a never ending hour;


Glowing in bright sun stream,

Looking prettier than ever,

But in a crazy whim,

The wind took it away forever;


The memories still remained,

On the moist delicate petals,

When it heavily rained,

Crushing the honey suckles;


The moon shooed away the sun,

To make the wind blow harder,

Mocking at the flower and having fun,

Distracting the shivering flower;


Loudly whizzed the cold breeze,

The flower frozen and the petals dried,

Leaving no trace of memories,

Hiding in the heavy heart inside;


Soon it was time for the dawn,

The breeze soothed the petals,

The evil blanket was gone,

Asleep were the night beetles;


The ecstasy of the dew droplet,

Fell on the petals again,

Making the flower alive and wet,

Rejuvenating it once again.

 Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

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