River of culture

Burble the streams of culture

Over the rocky path of time,

Civilisations they nurture,

Eventually they sublime;


They become one and merged,

Unique, diverse and rare,

With past submerged,

Under every historical layer;


Blended and mingled together,

Enriched with time,

Getting racy and richer,

Like the sweet old wine;


As time passes away,

The life gets greener,

With every night and day,

Like a serene flowing river.


– Copyright 2016 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh




21 thoughts on “River of culture

  1. Lovely! We should really thank our stars for being born in this beautifully syncretic country of ours, where we celebrate the diversity of cultures, religions, festivals, with every day being a holiday in some part of India!

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  2. At a time of rampant strife even as divergence seems to be on ascendance, with barriers erected even within our little world, this is a much needed ode to the unity that binds us. Eloquent, regal and sublime as the brook that it allegories.

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  3. Nice one madam! I hope i read it correctly. Are you talking about different cultures coming together to form one big world culture? One big world culture that will be embraced by all. Embraced by all regardless of the colour of their eyes. Their eyes that perceive beauty differently. Other call beauty immorality. How possible will the one big world culture be? Interesting though!

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  4. I am proud

    To be born in a country

    Like India

    Where Hinduism, Islam,Christianity Hebrewism & Sikhism

    Dwell in harmony & peace

    There is a unique joy

    Of celebrating festive occasions

    With all dear ones of different faiths

    Bringing us

    Closer and closer together

    Being born & brought up

    In cultural capital of Maharashtra (Pune City)

    I have friends and family friends

    Of different religions

    It gives me an immense feeling

    Of joy and pride too

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  5. I love this beautiful and harmonious life in its two aspect, time and eternity. India is the country of the harmonious spiritual life, this country inspires all humanity,

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