Diversification of happiness

When the world is grappling with the pursuit happiness, I have my own ‘funda’ – diversification of happiness. We invest our interests and emotions in a few people, situations, activities and often end up saying “Nothing is going right!”. We have dreams and ambitions for which we crave desperately. When these dreams are shattered into pieces we feel depressed and frustrated.

Just think! What if you never had thought so much about that one little dream? What if you never had waited for someone who never turned up for you? Think further, and you will understand, it wasn’t everything! There are many people in this world who are not as lucky as you are. So whenever you feel low, reiterate to yourself, all that you have in your life. Remind your mind about every little thing that makes you luckier and your life, special! Try finding your happiness in different things and in the company of different people. Even if things are not going well on most of the fronts of your life there will be a couple of good things that will give you a reason to smile during the entire day.

There are so many joyous moments in a day that can brighten up your face. It can even begin from your favorite breakfast dish! If this goes wrong it can be a text from a friend! Reasons for happiness are infinite as long as you know that the day can gift you infinite moments of delight. ๐Ÿ™‚

-Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh


24 thoughts on “Diversification of happiness

  1. Happiness doesn’t come to us
    As a gift
    Happiness doesn’t approach us or finds us
    We have to find it
    In the surroundings of our own
    In things happening around us
    Making people happy
    Makes us happy too

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  2. We can certainly get caught up in the day to day annoyances and even the bigger things are actually more common amongst us humans– things such as children going off and doing things that make us worry…parents aging…terrible bosses and sickness. But most of us are eating and enjoying some time doing something that is more than just getting by. Beautiful blog by the way!

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  3. I am a pessimist by nature. But I like the way you think. As a pessimist, I am never surprised when the worst things happen. But I am also constantly surprised by things that go right. It seems a happier way to live to just shrug off the dark blue icky stuff that is bound to happen no matter what you do.

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  4. Interesting read.

    Sometimes we are carried away by our own problems…sometimes by our own selfishness..sometimes by the many distractions of life.

    But if we can stop…if we pause to ponder…to evaluate our privileges, and compare with others with less privilege than ours…we may begin to see reason to be grateful and happy.

    This is not really easy…we are humans and are insatiable…always selfish and self interested.

    Interesting writeup…+


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