The Journey

My Scrapbook

I started with the morning light in the east,

Knew that the journey of thousand miles began with a step I took,

Braced myself for the world outside, a tempestuous sea within,

I walk out, watching, listening and learning every step.

Too afraid to be thoughtless, too fixated to be aimless,

I want to be on the journey, not knowing why I need to be,

Too naïve to know it’s the journey that teaches, not the destination

I meet a hermit, in peace with himself,

I wish to be like him, though not at the cost of stopping;

A furlong away, I see a king,

Possessing all that he can have, yet with a melancholy eye,

I wished to be him, yet not stopping to achieve.

Further I walked towards the sea, seeking to learn the lesson of life,

I see two friends, deprived of health, of riches and shelter,

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Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)

I am passionate poet and writer. Words and thoughts flow untrammelled when the heart is brimmed with emotions and strong feelings!I love to get drenched in them! This is a platform for sharing my thoughts on life, love, and philosophy. Apart from this I am a Market Research Professional with diverse academic qualifications. I have done my graduation in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in HR.However my heart finds its way to the world of art.

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