Lost love for brown

Traditional Indian people talk about “feeling proud of Indian culture….cherishing Indian culture…”. I feel like asking them a question. “Are you proud of Indian skin colors?” I’m pretty sure that most of them won’t be. They will prefer fairer brides for their sons and will definitely underestimate the beauty of darker skin shades.

Oh! I said beauty with darker skin shades! This is not sarcastic. Even you, at a point, felt that this is paradoxical, right? Let me remind you about two charming personas of ‘Mahabharata’. Neither the most enchanting and gorgeous lady, Draupadi was neither fair nor was the dusky dark handsome hero of ‘Mahabharata’, Krishna! So dear all “Proud to be Indians’ I request you to give a thought to your mind, where has the love for brown disappeared?

-Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

30 thoughts on “Lost love for brown

  1. Well said. The hypocrisy in the Indian society has been the weakest link of the social fabric. That which applies to others also applies to us, this very basic foundation of social understanding is missing

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  2. Good thought. However I think the life style, western influence, media(esp depiction of such impression thru cinema…) impacted “skin color”. However, it is short-lived and short term, till we get the ‘reality’ behind the color! 🙂
    Btb, I feel, it is not just in this century. Most of the cases, beauty was defined time to time and skin color was one of the key factors at each ages of time. Of course, each age, there were exceptions like Krishna! Likewise you can see such eminent exceptions even now….!


      1. Agree to you. But what i meant was, the problem which you raised is not only now. It was there at different time, even in the past…. Not necessarily brown or white. So, it needs the real perspective change in people and how we try to portray us….be proud on what you have…

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  3. Yes interesting topic and worded beautifully. Well I am not Indian but almost so as I am from Sri Lanka below India. I am born a Buddhist but I say Hindu prayers. I am Sinhalese but, both my names are Hindu origin given by my grandfather because he studied in India 🙂 I am brown in colour and I like being brown. In that case I am a mix of two cultures am I not 🙂

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  4. Interesting. Certainly don’t feel this way in America. Beauty runs the full spectrum of skin color. What matters is the person and the beauty within the person. Just my opinion…fellow engineer. Cheers.


  5. Indeed, Indian society still fails to understand that it is just a colour on the skin and it does not matter. All of them are beautiful and we should love them equally

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  6. My sister had to face this..she was beautiful but no one appreciated her as she was dusky in complexion. Well said… I would like to dedicate this blog to my sister..thanks for sharing Chitkala. May God bless you.

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