Liberate men!

Hey boys,

Do you remember when was that day when you were in tears and your eyes puffy? Maybe one day in your childhood when somebody must have said, “Don’t cry like a girl”. It’s good to be strong and not cry. However if a guy feels like crying and weeping, it’s not a crime. Having all those emotions with a sensitive heart is also not a crime. Being a man, does it mean your heart has to be made of a stone?

Colours! Why is a man ridiculed if he wears a pink shirt? Why a man must never like pink as a colour? Don’t you think you guys need some more freedom? When a little girl can play with toy, cars and bikes, what is wrong if a boy demands a doll? Isn’t it a matter of personal choice? When women can be pilots, they can be weight lifters; they can outsmart men in every possible field why shouldn’t men opt female dominated professions if they like? Going further, a woman can proudly say that “I will be a homemaker”. If a guy wishes to be a home-maker, he won’t even dare to voice it. Our society is so rigid and patriarchal that men and women don’t have freedom of thoughts and freedom of choice. Along with liberation of women, liberation of men is extremely crucial to establish a gender balance.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh






21 thoughts on “Liberate men!

  1. So going by this post I’m a liberate man. I cry, I express my emotions as they come, I want to be a home maker – let my hubby handle the earning.. all except the pink bit. 🙂

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  2. Women do not outsmart men the IQ curves are pretty much the same for both sexes .There are dumb men and dumb women , brilliant men and brilliant women. There are differences due to evolution because men being stronger , faster and more violent they had to hunt for the tribe. We are tribal by nature and in all tribes there is pecking order as in animal herds. In the technological world strength means little machines and engines do the work , it still plays a part in sport so often the sexes are separated in these endeavours. In the wealthy democracies the biggest disgrace is wage discrepancy but it will eventually be eliminated,

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