100 shades of grey..

The art of forgiving is indeed a difficult thing to learn! But once inculcated, makes life easier and happier. It helps heal painful moments and sleepless nights waking us up to see a brighter sunshine. Though we blame the world for being unfair, we can never ignore that nothing lasts for long.  Change,  being the law of nature we start exploring the shades of black and move towards different shades of white. During this awful and confusing journey, we end up understanding and exploring the shades of grey. After going through these highs and lows we can reach that stage which opens the golden door of forgiving that liberates our souls and frees us from all possible negative emotions, memories, and agony. We ultimately accept that nothing in the world can be picture perfect and could still be interesting even when colored in shades of grey.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

17 thoughts on “100 shades of grey..

  1. It’s not easy to forgive , especially , if he or she was a part of your #Journey in real , reel or social networking site like Face Book , Twitter . Out of blue , you get a notification that you are ‘ Blocked ‘ from Mr X or Mrs Y account . Then you ponder , what did I do to ‘ hurt ‘ Mr X or Mrs Y .

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  2. I imagine forgiveness is much like St. Augustine’s concept of patience: “The reward for patience, is patience.” Perhaps with time and practice, we can all be like ducks and have the water roll off of your feathers.

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  3. Forgiving does not make something that was done wrong to you right. But by forgiving we release, “Ourselves from that person or the situation”. Its like cutting off from something that is pricking us. We become free of the pain and able to move on with our lives without stagnating in those shades of black and grey and move on to the bright golden light. Thank you for the post 🙂 ❤

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  4. I greatly enjoyed reading this post. This was truly beautiful and insightful. You shine a light on something everyone knows about but put it in refreshing terms for people to see part of the true beauty of forgiveness. Very enriching 🙂

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