He broke up because..

She was sitting at the coffee shop waiting for him. She had covered her face with her hands and was weeping in frustration. She was thinking why he had said, “I am meeting you for the last time.” Her mind was crowded with numerous thoughts. She was still wondering why her relationship went through thick and thin inspite of making constant efforts to do everything in the world that he liked. She could not understand why on Earth he was never pleased when she had changed herself totally to match his expectations. Despite all such efforts why he had never ever given her a word of appreciation. While she was lost in these thoughts, he entered the coffee house. She desperately asked him in tears ” What was my mistake?”. He replied, ย “I can never love someone who isn’t capable of loving herself and who can never be herself ever.”

This real life story is dedicated to all women and girls who lose themselves to please their partners.

Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye) Copyright 2017

27 thoughts on “He broke up because..

  1. Women and girls who lose themselves to please their partners also expect their partners to lose themselves for them…. that is the big reason.
    If i am pleasing you,you have to please me……. it never works…… it always irritates men.
    Women and girls should never demand forcefully.

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  2. I agree that excessive people pleasing is not an attractive behaviour. It ostensibly indicates insecurity and a pathological desire to be liked or approved by other human beings. Many times it is even sociopathy masquerading as altruism. However, I don’t quite understand how a man can consistently carp and criticise his partner and demand that she change herself to meet his criteria of an ideal girlfriend (or rather, what he considers to be ideal), yet leave her once she does everything to meet his demands. If that is not contradictory, I don’t know what is. It is also emotional abuse. Or, is the woman in this fictional scenario merely assuming that her now ex-boyfriend wanted her to change herself for him? With all due respect, the context of this entry is somewhat fragmentary and so it can be interpreted one of a few ways. Otherwise, the entry is well-written and alludes to a very simple, yet valuable meta-lesson- to not change oneself to appease the predilections of other people. Self-improvement is always a good thing, but there is a large, but not always so obvious distinction, between becoming an improved modification of your previous self and changing yourself to the point of improverishing yourself of your essense.


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  3. This would be equally true for men as women. Partnership is a shared experience that requires balance in the meeting of equals. Once the balance is lost the partnership is in jeopardy. As for loving one’s self it should be done with some rationality so not to turn into selfishness. Last thought, we have to accept that everything has an end and when possible be prepared for it to end. After all c’est la vie!

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  4. This struck a chord!! Gosh this is such a perfect story. Not in a sense of a beautiful ending but in a sense of reality. This has so many truths in morals in it. There are many people out there who will do anything for love including hating themselves. It’s not worth it because the love can never be real. Ever. Love this!!!

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  5. Changing yourself to please someone else is a mistake, always. Not only are you lying to others, you are deceiving yourself. Loved your work!!!


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