I have never been to a post office for years! After the advent of mobile, I don’t even remember writing a letter apart from the ones in English examinations. Thanks to Rakesh Anand Bakshi Ji who asked me to write a postcard about someone ‘One in a billion person -Post Card from the heart’. The first thing I had to do after that, was to search a post office!Lol!

I finally found one and the moment I entered the lane where the post office stood, I felt I was not in a city like Pune. The post office had a village air. People were standing in queues. The room had the typical look of a government office with wooden chairs and worn out paint. Β I bought the post card at a meager price of a single digit. We hardly get anything at this price today πŸ™‚

But the moment I held the postcard in my hand, my heart was flooded with emotions and nostalgia, bringing in childhood memories. I remembered the letters I had written and read, which I had sent and received from my friends and grandparents!!!!

Amazing experience indeed!!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks to Rakesh Anand Bakshi Ji



17 thoughts on “Postcard

    1. Love your passionate feelings and poetry so much. And thanks for your response to my poetry just posted on WordPress “A Dialogue between a Scientist and human soul”. I am Carrie from HK. Let us keep in touch and share our thoughts and works more often. Thanks.

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  1. I still write letters, and go to the post office. Here in Australia the post office is called “The Post Shop” As many things are done in it other than the usual post office. There are writing materials like pens and papers, calendars, books, cards and also we pay some bills and even take photos for the pass ports ect. I still like to write so go there to buy the stamps ect. One thing in common is the queues, quite long some days especially when its Christmas. Thanks for your short description about the post card and the post office πŸ™‚

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