What was their mistake?

A newly wed couple was waiting for the society chairman. The couple was very eager to sign the house-agreement for their much-awaited dream home. After a long struggle with their parents to make their inter-religion marriage a success, they were heading towards their new life. With their hearts throbbing with excitement they were finally waiting to stay in this new home-sweet-home!

The chairman arrived. The big fat fellow sat on the chair. He wore specs and started reading the agreement paper which the owner of the house provided to him. He started reading line by line. He came across the first name Raj, he kept reading. But the second name, Nagma made him scowl. He looked up at the owner with his red eyes full of anger. “How dare you sell your house to a Muslim? ” The helpless owner tried to convince the society chairman but failed. This shattered the dreams of the couple.

When we share a country with diverse religions and communities and feel proud of our diversity why people are so unjust to their Indian brothers and sisters?

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)


32 thoughts on “What was their mistake?

  1. Chitkala, as a poet you are doing a great thing for the People of our country.. I am proud of you.. No words for me to praise you…. You are more than Excellent…. That made me a fan of you…. …it’s Divine. And your work… I admire you….
    Am feeling great and proud to say it.
    Keep doing the good work..
    Shankar Narayan

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  2. Though I will never shame someone for what they believe, I do not believe that all faiths are equal. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and I will openly dialogue with anybody, with no preconceived judgement.
    As for the piece, a very well written one.


  3. True by name there is a different divine teacher and a different name to each religion. But they all have been born, or come down to earth, (how ever each person believes) to teach the same thing, ” The Laws of The Universe” how the human beings should live, the rules to abide by. Just like the outer colour of the skin is different so are the religions, the buildings and prayers differ to each other. But the essence is the same. All say not to harm, not to kill. They speak of Loving Kindness to all. Its the human being, the man who has and is making all these divisions. Ignorance of this type is what is called, “Evil” As those without real knowledge ~ wisdom – make wrong decisions. Those who have to depend on such people have to suffer. All religions say the same thing in different languages and different ways. Its sad to hear this type of stories but then they do happen. Thank you for your story ❤

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  4. I have turned my back on all organized religions because they have all brought more suffering into the world than they are worth. I believe we should be loving our brothers and sisters around the world and protecting our environment. Why do religious people think they must foist their beliefs on others? Why must they look down on those who do not share their beliefs?

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  5. Religion is the a priori result of a desire for a formalised law governing social apportment.
    The ability to make law divests the maker of a certain power, which inflates the ego according to how it is used.
    All religions ultimately love love and peace, but there are those, as your decision maker, more interested in using this power for their own gain.

    Freedom at Midnight is a great book towards understanding the cultural basis for the decision

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  6. What was their mistake you asked? They told the truth. It is a reality and unfortunate truth that judgment, bigotry and in my personal experience, a type of insanity, control the societies of the world. If they even hinted that religion or a name would be a problem, for the home they wanted. Then they should have lied. Unless of course, they have the idea that their values can change the path of others and only the idea of the dream home they so desired was enough to get them through their lives together. It is pretty debatable and of course, only an opinion. At forty-three, I imagine it sounds negative for a man my age. It is what I have experienced that makes me think so, Thank for the story… It is sad though. I know it is true in its essence.

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