The evening breeze

The breeze gushed through the waiting window,

Rejuvenating and relaxing me from head to toe;

It brought back those misty memories with you,

That had vanished before the morning dew,

The tiresome, tough day had departed somehow,

Enigmatic evening was dark and tranquil now;

Like the bright silent moon in the starry sky,

Your thoughts, my warm heart began to spy;

Taking me to the most awaited dream world,

I lay silently on my bed, with my body curled;

The misty memories moved in front of my eyes,

Enlivening my lost soul and the old, dry, ties;

I strolled in my dreamy dreams thinking of you,

Dreams got wet with the morning drizzling dew;

The sun opened my eyes and I searched for you,

But I was all alone and there was no sign of you;

I wished the evening breeze would come again,

And those misty memories, the nights would rain.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)






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