How difficult it is!!

I live life passionately to enjoy the best smiles and the happiest moments. I get fully immersed in whatever I do, whatever I like and whatever I wish to achieve. But the worst part of this habit is, whenever you don’t get what you want, you end up getting depressed. Buddhism says, desire is the root cause of sorrow so feeling high with happiness also gives you sorrow one or the other day. How difficult it is to pursue something and yet be prepared to let it go!

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28 thoughts on “How difficult it is!!

  1. Isn’t it a kind of paradoxical situation. If we feel happy by a situation, we are bound to feel sad by some things as well. I guess then only 2 choices are left either to embrace both happiness and sorrow or being in a constant state of emotions. This write up leaves something to think about 🙂

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  2. Great post! I drive a lot and find that if I judge other drivers, I inevitably get frustrated. Even if I look at someone as a “good driver” it opens the door to comparison with those who aren’t as stellar. I wonder if happiness does the same thing, giving you the chance to say, “this is better than that…” and perhaps missing opportunities to learn? Who knows?

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  3. With feelings toward a person: She may die (as my wife did); she may become involved with another person; she may just not have mutual feelings. I must be able to let go. With a strong desire to achieve, or to amass: The goal, r the thing, may be unattainable, may prove to be a burden or may more righteously belong to someone else. I must be able to let go.

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  4. Luckily, people who live with such passion often have an easy time being swept up by many different things to put their whole self into. So for every thing that does not work out, you either move on to something new, or you discovered another tangent in the pursuit of the first passion. Long story short, the passionate person is never short of passion.

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      1. Passion doesn’t always have to be a “positive” term. You can love and hate passionately and be passionately angry as well as joyful. You’re completely correct, a person who is fully present feels everything more deeply. But those who are passionate and also mindful are taught to feel those feelings to the fullest and then let go. Not to be afraid of being sad, no matter how much it hurts. Because life is about creating balance and knowing that without the things that make us sad, we would not truly appreciate what it meant to be happy (simply put). So even failures, bitter moments, have silver lining. Lessons. Also, “depressed” and deep sadness are not the same thing.

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  5. What Buddhism say is that attachment brings sadness. Naturally as everything in life changes, as change is the only constant in life, and if we become too attached it does bring sadness. What Lord Buddha has preached is middle path. Not too much and not too little. There are four stages of non attachment and it is in the 4th, the last stage, that a priest can become, “Arahath” which means he has fully let gone of all desires. But we as laymen we cannot do that. And we are not supposed to go that far as we cannot, live as normal human beings. There is a “suthra’ with special rules for the ordinary people, how to go about their normal lives, how the husband and wife should treat each other, to the pets, to the servants, how to do business, spend save ect. It is things like greed and lust that is said to be harmful that brings unhappiness. We are able to be passionate about what we do or else we cannot go higher in life. This also means adhering to the laws of The Universe. To go with the flow of life. Buddhism, just like all the other religions is based on “The Laws of The Universe” that teaches us how to live with happiness and peace. I hope my answer has given you some insight. Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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  6. I believe that we can do our work passionately without attachment only when we think that whatever work we are doing is a worship to God. But this sort of thinking would grow gradually and then we can feel that inner happiness while doing any work.

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