Vicious cycle

Loving someone is so difficult! You love, and you expect to be loved back.When you don’t get the much-needed reciprocation, your involvement gives you pain! You care, you yearn, you wait, you spend every second of your life thinking about that one person whom you love. But when you realize that this person whom you are so dedicated and so committed is not at all thinking about you the entire day it gives you frustration. But still you can’t stop loving.The more you are ignored the more you love and the more you invite pain.

  • Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

30 thoughts on “Vicious cycle

  1. “The more you are ignored the more you love and the more you invite pain”: Sounds familiar, I’ve known this feeling for long until I embraced self-love. With self-love, you get to love, seeking nothing in return.Plus, you get to respect yourself enough to know and stay away from those who don’t want or love you. By learning self-respect, you respect others as well.

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  2. So true, and usually the more prolonged and unattainable your love is, the more intense your thoughts are all day long. Human nature wants what it can’t have and even pain is intensified.

    For some reason the computer I am on isn’t allowing me to like your post. I will try back. Thank you for coming to I am in Texas this week and today I went to visit Jamie in prison. (The Cage) I make the trip about once a year. He has been in almost 13 years with four to go. I’ve written a lot of poetry and music for him

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  3. The more you are ignored the more you love and the more you invite pain,
    Its like giving benefit of doubt, may be some day, some other day, he will miss, may be !!!
    Remembrance is a hard thing to deal with.

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  4. I have finally come to grips with the fact that I am not as important to the other as they are to me, thus, I will focus my attentions and affections elsewhere. Probably get several dogs and become a recluse. Just a thought still in the planning stages.

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