A sweet birthday gift from my granny

Lucky to have a grandmother who is a poet, writer and an artist. One of the best gifts and even poems I have ever got from her!!
Here is what she wrote for me..felt like sharing!!

You are my star shining on the skies of my mind,
You are my lotus bud that smiles on the surface of my heart’s waters,
You are my lush green oasis amongst the sand-dunes of my old age,
You are my gracious beloved poetess,
Your words are birds that alight on the boughs of yon bluest horizons,
Your future is bright, bountiful, beautiful and blissful,
You are my eternal muse that kindles my hopes and joys truly lengthening my life time.

Copyright 2017 Manda Tembe

34 thoughts on “A sweet birthday gift from my granny

  1. Aha such a amazing poem and lucky that you got such a granny. For me I don’t recall even any moments with my granny as she is late.
    And thanks Aditosh for following me. Am just a beginner who started reading and watching your every styles on blog.
    -Regards (Bhutan, the land of dragon kingdom)

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  2. How incredibly loving! You are “truly lengthening her life line .” šŸ˜‰
    Happy belated birthday to you! Praying your day (and every day) was (is) all that God hopes for you!
    God loves you and your Granny! ā¤

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