Could lowering of puberty age be the reason?

“Even I have a girlfriend,” said a ten-year-old kid. I was surprised. There was a time when having a boyfriend or a girlfriend was a status symbol during our junior college days. Things have changed now! It’s a status symbol for kids too! Not just that, but we also hear cases of a kid trying to molest another kid.

Once upon a time marrying someone whom you love or I would rather say loving someone itself was considered unethical (Indian scenario fifty years ago). Today we have reached a day where sex knows no boundaries of ethics. But the term ‘ethics’ itself has constantly changed over time.

Sex has become an adventure for teenagers today. The worst part of this is it is no longer an expression of love but just a ‘vent off’ thing!Β  That means it becomes very difficult for them to control their desires. Thus, availability is preferred over love and people tend to go for random partner selection than loving someone from the bottom of their hearts.

Unfortunately, this has become common across cultures. Could lowering of puberty age be the root cause of this behavioural shift?

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58 thoughts on “Could lowering of puberty age be the reason?

    1. The question of whether or not love vs. availability is more readily accessible is subjective, and maybe new where you are but a story as old as me where I come from (and older). In LGBTQ culture, the lifestyle around the “hookup,” anonymous sex and multiple-partner sex has been built in since our inception as a community, and that has to do with the prohibition around the activity of non-heteronormative sex.

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  1. I guess it is more of a cultural transition that we are witnessing in our country. Every society tries emulating the one that’s more advanced than itself (western society in our case). The dissemination of information seems brutally chaotic in the current scenario. Blame the media or the internet, but exposure to content that can play havoc with minds that’re still blooming can alter the way they perceive the world. An Infant brain is way more plastic than that of an adult’s and the construction of one’s outlook towards life primarily gets initiated right from infant hood. Thoughts lead to actions, and the quality of thoughts find their seeds in the impression you get about your society as you grow. Puberty could be one of the reasons for sure. But, I guess, the issue is much more complex than that. I just highlighted one factor above. There’d be many more!

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      1. Hmmm. I see the implication here. Early puberty and the resultant sexual urges having a tug of war with the psychosocial maturation of adolescents. Hmmm.

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      2. Hmmmm. I get it. And you are pinpointing this attitude solely on puberty’s early onset? Makes sense. I think you are directing the reader’s attention towards the main primary cause. Hmmmm. Lemme think.

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      3. You know, I thought about it. The fact that people are favouring availability over any emotional connect to happen first, at its base might be driven by sexual instincts. But the attitude that determines your choice of partner can, in my opinion (just an opinion) be driven by the bandwagon effect. You see a gal may look at her peer and ape this random choice attitude from her (that her friend is already displaying) subconsciously. Its a sort of causal potpourri where the cause and effect chains are mish-mashed in a loop, you see. Early puberty >> Sexual Urges >> Hunt for a partner >> Bandwagon Effect >> Random Partner selected. A lack of understanding about how important emotional aspects are in relationships can be linked to lack of better education and sedentary lifestyles as well. You stay secluded from a lot of your kin and you fail to learn the emotional aspects of relationships to an extent. Your only teachers are parents (and let’s admit Indian parenting lags behind in these matters) and your social circle. The peer group is bound to affect you. Just because a sexual drive is carnal doesn’t mean quality relationships shouldn’t be cultivated. But the generation is copying what it’s seeing.

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      4. Aah! I realise this. Mine was just a fleeting opinion that wasn’t brainstormed properly. Please elaborate it in another post of yours, if you like. And, strike the roots of it. In the meanwhile, I’ll scour deeper into this! πŸ™‚

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      5. Oh yes! I had realized that. But not being on any social media means I can’t follow you on twitter, or like your FB page, you see. Lol! I can only do my typing here. Jailed.

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      6. I’d say peer pressure, wrong ideas about sex, early addiction to alcohol and drugs, ease of access to the opposite gender duw to a more open society and social media penetration — these all coupled with the urges that develop as a result of early puberty might have a say in this new trend that we’re seeing. Hmmmm.

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      7. I’d guess to this I’d say different strokes for different folks. These factors might not be the explicitly determining variable for people from good backgrounds. Yes. But your sample sizes does include the whole adolescent population across the society, and not just ‘good’ people, doesn’t it? So we can’t completely rule out these factors just because they don’t affect a particular segment of population.

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  2. That has become a discussion and debate in many cultures. So many things are thrown at girls of ages younger than it used to be. So if it may be good, and some is like…… I don’t know. It doesn’t seem life can wait for anything anymore. Its all rush rush rush this and that. Hugs!!


  3. This canker has spread throughout the globe. I don’t think it’s puberty that’s the reason. Here in our culture in Ghana, girls married responsible men right after puberty but now it’s more like, they engage in sex and get pregnant just to be able to care for themselves. These girls even before their puberty have boyfriends that care for their needs somehow. It’s so sad and appalling here

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  4. The environment plays a strong role here. The interaction of the girl with her elders, a role model selection is made and carried forward in the selection of a partner based on this observation.

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  5. People do not have necessarily have an ideal home situation. There may be strife or a broken home. In such circumstances one may loose the guard on acceptable behaviour. This may or may not relate to puberty.

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