Shades of love

The fire in your annoyed eyes,

Spoke of your deep love ties;

I will like that blunt stare,

More than your smile and care;

But still I love your ignorance,

The sign of love and innocence

For my heart knows it very well,

Of the stories your heart has to tell,

Always remember my dear,

My eyes will pour love shower;

Sorry for not returning your smile,

My heart was breathing for a while;

I thought you would let me rest,

But you were in a mood to test;

There is nothing to hurry about,

Give it some more time to tout;

Love is not that easy to conjure,

Delicate if torn is difficult to cure;

Trust me, I love you ever and forever,

And this I will tell you without fear.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)


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