He said “I do not”

The breeze blew,

The leaves flew,

I softly confessed,

That I love you;

The leaves knew,

The breeze knew,

That I wanted to,

Be one with you;

But my thoughts fought,

My emotions thought,

And that was why,

My feelings got blocked;

Then the breeze stopped,

The hurt heart stopped,

Because he bluntly said,

Thar I do not and will not.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

29 thoughts on “He said “I do not”

  1. Love felt in one’s heart is what needs to be cherished and loved, not the love that was not received.

    I love this. Very emotional and realistic. 😘


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  2. Hello Chitkala! Thank you for dropping by and following my blog. I hope you have enjoyed your visit, I enjoyed your work a lot. I look forward to seeing you more often on my page so we can know each other a little better. I hope you can introduce my pages http://www.shikhachandel.com to your readers. I will do the same so we can grow more and spread more magic in our blogging community. Good to have you on my list.
    Best Wishes!

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