The twins

My friend delivered twins! A girl and a boy. I have always felt babies are beautiful and innocent. May it be human or that of animals. But the society is so mean that it starts passing comments on their looks as if they are ready to get married. “The girl is dark and the boy is fair…so unfair…who will marry the girl?..she should have had her mom’s color and so on.”

How inhuman it is! When a girl is born she is expected to look good right from her birth!!! Isn’t it unjust to be so sexist?

In the first place a person should be judged by personality that one creates not something like looks which is not in one’s hand. Something like beauty can never be standardized. It all depends on the vision of the appreciator. When it comes to babies it’s their innocence and serenity that make them beautiful not their features or color.

I appeal all of you to give your opinions on this.

-Chitkala Mulye

13 thoughts on “The twins

  1. A girl with character looks much more beautiful to me. Looks are good, but what if they fade? Will you still love her when they fade? I think women with virtues should be the choice of all men, not looks

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  2. I, a white man, am disgusted by anyone who looks askance at a person who is a dark shade of whatever. I have seen shimmering beauty that is pale as winter and other that is dark as the other side of the Moon. It matters none, and people should stop drinking the Great White Father’s Kool-aid.

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  3. This breaks my heart. From a young age so many little girls are fed this idea that they aren’t pretty enough or good enough for society’s standards. I hope that she’ll find strength from encouraging and powerful women around her so that she doesn’t believe these lies.
    Your post speaks nothing but truth!

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