Salty waves of love

Spreading his yearning muscular boughs,
Like the powerful overwhelming sea,
His wet eyes casting a magical spell,
Inviting enveloping waves on me;

He emerges wearing a watery garment,
Like the surging wave of the deep sea,
Roaring, humming, teasing and smiling,
Toward the shore of my heart’s sea;

The warm waves enlivening my soul,
He roughs he smoothes his waves on me,
He wraps me up with his wild waves,
Underneath the blanket of the blue sea;

Rolling me in his deep dream sea,
Diving and exploring his love abyss,
I get drenched in his boundless love,
Like a mermaid in his sultry peace;

Making me face his irresistable appeal,
Pulling me inside him with his gravity,
Making me dissolve and become one,
Making me purer with his sanctity.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye. (Chitkala Aditosh)

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