When a seedling sprouts, it has to emerge from the heavy soil growing upward. It has to use all its strength to let it survive in the intense sun and sometimes in paucity water. This is struggle, survival and success. No one in this world can ever escape struggle. The person who doesn’t struggle becomes incapable of survival. The weaklings cannot survive unless they fight with all their might and win. Even in nature when a chick hatches from the egg there are so many predators around who want to make a perfect meal eating it up. But the little chick runs, hides learns to grow till it gains strength and finds ways to protect itself.

Not everyone is born strong. Situations help you become strong and make you tough to face the world. Unless there is no pain there is no gain. Till you get hurt, get wounded, and learn to survive the difficult times, you cannot gain strength. Once you learn to live with the difficult times you become bold and strong that no one can challenge you because the world will know that you have learnt not just to struggle but to win!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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