Let go..

A person who doesnt values you, who doesn’t spend time with you is simply not worth your love. Don’t fight or beg him or her to give you time. Start treating that person as if he or she is simply absent in your life. Be strong and sideline that person from your life. Mending relations make no sense because something that can develop a crack will definitely break one day. Don’t feel scared if the relationship is developing cracks. Let it break. One should not have a place for broken things in life. Love someone who will make you a whole and lively rather than someone who will hurt and break you.

24 thoughts on “Let go..

  1. Letting go of those who do not want us make room for the new to come in. These people are the ones who are on the same wave length as us, who understand and appreciate us and make us feel wanted and happy in life. Thank you for your wise words. Much Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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      1. Personally I didn’t had them, and suffering, if they are good with others then case is different and then also one can forgive them because they might have been in bad company.

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