May I ask him

May I ask him once?

Why I fell in his love,

I was so independent,

A peaceful free dove;

May I ask him why?

He bathed me in glee,

Showing me dreams,

Only him I could see;

May I touch the moments,

And hold them for long,

Then shed a little tear,

Though I am so strong;

May I kiss that love,

Getting drenched in rain,

Embracing every moment,

Leaving behind my pain;

May I crave for it again,

That love shower I miss,

Living it over and over,

Kissing that rain of bliss,

MayΒ  I ask him why,

My heart is only his,

Counting days and nights,

Why so loyal it is?

Will he return my heart?

Will he return my smiles?

Lost in those moments,

I searched a million miles,

Will he give me his heart?

So I can make it mine,

Make him fall in my love,

A feeling pure and divine.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)





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