Feel grateful..or else the worst times in life will teach you..

Setbacks in life best teach you the value of happiness. When the whole world is constantly finding rational and spiritual ways to pursuit of happiness; I feel intense grief can only be the easiest way to teach this art of achievement of eternal bliss.

When life takes you through the most unexpected and inadvertent twists and turns we learn, in which simple things the happiness may lie.

Everyday, I feel delighted that I am awake in the morning…ALIVE! I feel even better when I realize I am healthy and fit. When I eat irrespective of what I eat, I feel glad that I am capable of eating it. When I leave my home and start my daily hectic routine; I realize that, today I should feel happy that I am physically and intellectually capable of earning my living, excelling in my career and succeeding in flying colours.

This may sound weird but there are people in this world who face difficulties in using their five basic senses, who are not independent to do their daily chores and who need help for doing anything as simple as going to the loo.

I appeal to all of you that we must find happiness and stay super happy when everything in life is going normal. Rather than indulging into fights and politics try spreading happiness doing good things for people. It will bless you as well as others with uncountable smiles.

Just be happy and be grateful!

Have a super happy day 😊

Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

12 thoughts on “Feel grateful..or else the worst times in life will teach you..

  1. This rings true…I struggle, like we all do, daily, but I consider it a fortunate struggle. I am fortunate to have struggles that build strength, that teach, that give me purpose and allow me to pass the joy I’ve gotten out of life to others.

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