Give me back

Give me back those moments,

Give me back those dreams,

Give me back my frail heart,

You forgot to return it, it seems!

My lonely eyes still memorize,

My waiting eyes still remember,

When my love met your charm,

Making my hearty heart flutter;

My lips miss that magical night,

The night your eyes poured wine,

Mixing it with your love so pure,

Leaving behind a feeling divine;

My heart still longs for that touch,

My love still yearns for that feel,

That feel of your love feather,

Showering me with life and zeal;

Give me my heart, it needs life,

I need to make it strong again,

It will not be able to be with you,

For you will never be back again.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

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