More power to all!

Many of us are weaklings during our child hood, teenage, and sometimes even throughout our life. Life is not easy for weaklings. Its a always a tough time.. undeserved criticism..blames for uncommitted mistakes.. fear of rejections.. lost arguments.. bullying and what not! All these weaklings have a constant feeling of low confidence, low self esteem and low strength eventually making them vulnerable.
But at one point of time all these things become intolerable. So I would like to share my philosophy to succeed the goal to become strong and powerful.

That’s the point when we try to gain strength. I would like to share some of my ways to turn the tables.

1. Start believing in yourself.. Tell yourself you are strong you will be stronger and a very powerful person.

2. Stop self-pity and start giving yourself some compliments and more respect.

3. People will respect you when you will respect yourself.

4. These thoughts will change your body language that one day all those people around you will feel intimidated and will stop creating a nuisance.

5. Take more initiatives, and more responsibilities; which will make you feel more empowered.

6. Have some targets!

Every day try winning an argument, try to succeed in some negotiation may it could be a simple argument or negotiation with a vegetable vendor, your colleague or even your friend. Just one win a day will give you more strength, more self-confidence and more power.

This will slowly transform you into a winner from a loser and here will that virtuous cycle begin!!!!

Win and get more confidence, more strength, more power and become a winner forever 😇

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

13 thoughts on “More power to all!

  1. A really intellectual take on weakness. I agree with all the points you made. “People will respect you when you will respect yourself”, I believe this point has really helped me overcome my self-esteem issues. It’s important to respect ourselves, our uniqueness to be specific, in order to get the hang of what life truly means.

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  2. Good post. At the same time we should train ourselves to find meaning in our failures too. Life is a mixture of both, sunshine and rain,joys & sorrows, ups & downs and last but not least success & failure.


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