Moods of wind

The gentle wind playing with my hair,

Tangling them with a naughty dare;

Untied, loose, free, running astray,

Making thoughts crazy and feelings sway;

Again that gush and a very big blow,

Melting emotions and letting them flow;

A mellow touch with a lively breeze,

Warming me up and making me freeze;

Bringing sensual showers wet and warm,

Blushing me red in his rough love storm;

Bathing me in sunshine, lighting up my eyes,

His blithe some tries knitting new ties.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye



25 thoughts on “Moods of wind

  1. I read very little poetry but I’m glad I dropped by. I really enjoyed that. I like your page title. Only just this weekend I watched an old episode of ‘Out of Town’ where the legendary Jack Hargreaves waxed lyrical on the subject of fishing with a trammel net, and how the word entered our language.

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