Moods of wind

The gentle wind playing with my hair,

Tangling them with a naughty dare;

Untied, loose, free, running astray,

Making thoughts crazy and feelings sway;

Again that gush and a very big blow,

Melting emotions and letting them flow;

A mellow touch with a lively breeze,

Warming me up and making me freeze;

Bringing sensual showers wet and warm,

Blushing me red in his rough love storm;

Bathing me in sunshine, lighting up my eyes,

His blithe some tries knitting new ties.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye


25 thoughts on “Moods of wind

  1. Hello chitkala, thanks for following my blog. I have followed thou back. The poem is very well written. I too wrote such a poem, titled ” The wind and I”. You should check it. 😘

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  2. I read very little poetry but I’m glad I dropped by. I really enjoyed that. I like your page title. Only just this weekend I watched an old episode of ‘Out of Town’ where the legendary Jack Hargreaves waxed lyrical on the subject of fishing with a trammel net, and how the word entered our language.

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