Why love doesn’t exist

Love is a sometimes volatile while other times it is eternal. Love is a mix of needs, physical and emotional…woven into different bonds.. love is friendship.. love is a habit..love is sharing..and love is caring..

When all of these delicate feelings exist, love is there. But slowly and steadily these delicate feelings walk away as people start taking each other for granted..and love disappears..

The bond becomes too weak, bringing ego weakening it further leaving no room for any effort to weave the bond again…and love disappears losing its existence completely.

13 thoughts on “Why love doesn’t exist

  1. If love is eternal, it can’t fade away with time, it stays there forever…egoes may clash but if there is true love there is understanding and respect too
    Nicely written


  2. Sad, but love never dies. It’s always there. God is always there. But “we” may become unconscious. Truth is truth and nothing can change truth… not even dreams. In my experience, Love is definitely real and DOES exist. 🙂

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  3. Love may exist or it exists-not. However, in our capacity to (want to take on the feeling of what each of us are feeling)…..to feel what one another is feeling, taste what “hasn’t” been tasted…..”yet”……by the thread of understanding, by every eternal answer, let love be, just simply let it be……………………………………………………..you may be, it may be, yet you may not be responsible for it. Wishing all beings happiness, let love simply be an argument, a phone call, yet never a hesitation to experience the triumphant belonging of love as it is. Love is real. Don’t die back into fear and emptiness. I enjoyed reading this a lot! Thanks.

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