Don’t LET!

Are you hurt? Are you sad? Who was the one who made you feel so bad? Did anyone insult you? Did anyone embarrass you? Yes??? Now I will ask you.. why even did you allow someone to do so?


I believe no one can hurt you without your own permission. Neither can one cheat you nor can one insult you. What if you would have just not been affected by that person’s intentions? Why not build a wall around your heart? Why not let in only those who have proven themselves to be worthy enough? Had you done this, you wouldn’t have felt the way you feel today. Just give it a try the next time. You will be incredibly fearless and unbreakable!!

I succeeded in accomplishing this. What about you?

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

19 thoughts on “Don’t LET!

  1. This is true. It takes hard wirk and oractise, and does not come easily because we are human beings. Biut it is the truth.


  2. Amazing words. But do you think that building walls can actaully be a bad thing because sometimes it can put the genuine people off too?


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