Befriending the situations

I was a person who always wanted complete control over the situations in my life. When they went out of my hands, I felt insecure and anxious. As time passed, I realized that the rigidity we have in our nature and behavior stops us from adapting with the situations. If we show our resistance to the situations, they show us their strength making us feel helpless.

It is better to stay protected and let the storm pass rather than fighting with storm. Even the grass bends and lets it pass to stay safe. The situation may give you pain but cooperating with it helps you survive.

Eventually I decided to join hands with the intimidating situations. I tried to follow their course rather than being stubborn. I decided to change!!!

Once we change with the situation, due to relativity, we realize the situation has changed too. Once we get used to this, instead of getting terrified with the uncertainty, we learn to make the best of the situation thus befriending it!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

18 thoughts on “Befriending the situations

      1. Thank you so much Chitkala, I am proud of you… Really feeling Great! Its True..what you have shared… and I myself have experienced the same… Initial days were very difficult for me… But I changed myself. when you get time please read my story in this link And I am lucky too. You always Inspire me with your words!… You are a GOD gifted personality…


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