When I learnt to fly

I wished I had wings to try,

That dream to fly very high,

I tried a lot but couldn’t fly,

Very high up in the sky;

My legs jumped high,
I tried to touch the sky,
Still I could not fly,
But I did not know why;

You walked in my life,
With wings of strength,
To teach me how to fly
Very high up in the sky;

I flew high and higher,

To great heights unknown,
The sun closed my eyes,
Clouds blurred my vision;

Then you disappeared ,
So I chased your voice,
And traced your path,
That you had walked;

Though you vanished,
I still searched for you,
In my heart, in the sky,
Flying, just to find you;

My smiles wished to,
Meet you there again,
Just to tell you that,
Now I had no pain;

Why did you try? Even you came by, Just to say that ‘Hi’?
Or a forever good-bye?

Should I not even try?
To search you in the sky,
My wings will soon die, If you won’t come by;

Without wings I now fly,
Very high,up in the sky,
A hope that doesn’t die,
That you will come by.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)


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