When I learnt to fly

I wished I had wings to try,

That dream to fly very high,

I tried a lot but couldn’t fly,

Very high up in the sky;

My legs jumped high,
I tried to touch the sky,
Still I could not fly,
But I did not know why;

You walked in my life,
With wings of strength,
To teach me how to fly
Very high up in the sky;

I flew high and higher,

To great heights unknown,
The sun closed my eyes,
Clouds blurred my vision;

Then you disappeared ,
So I chased your voice,
And traced your path,
That you had walked;

Though you vanished,
I still searched for you,
In my heart, in the sky,
Flying, just to find you;

My smiles wished to,
Meet you there again,
Just to tell you that,
Now I had no pain;

Why did you try? Even you came by, Just to say that ‘Hi’?
Or a forever good-bye?

Should I not even try?
To search you in the sky,
My wings will soon die, If you won’t come by;

Without wings I now fly,
Very high,up in the sky,
A hope that doesn’t die,
That you will come by.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

33 thoughts on “When I learnt to fly

  1. Our best art is not born from thought, it is born from soul. When we are creating we are not thinking, we are flowing like a river.

    Intellect is thought. It is found in academics of education. Soul is not found it is discovered, it is the link to Wisdom.

    Intellect doesnt create art. Soul does.
    All we have to do is take a look around at Creation. Intellect belongs to man. Wisdom belongs to God.

    Why is why you always gravitate to Art. It is because your soul is God filled. The soul isnt satisified with words, it needs a warm embrace, it takes our words and makes them into a living breathing reality,


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