My genuineness…they thought was a mask

I was taught to be genuine.. I was taught to be honest…I was taught not to wear a mask. As I grew up my eyes got baffled with the constant color changes of the masks around. I stepped ahead to feel and love the faces I saw and the images that were behind the beautiful faces baffled my heart. People thought my genuineness is a mask in itself. They used weapons to reveal the real me. But, it was not the mask I wore so the weapons left me wounded with scars on my face.

Then I realized, we need a mask to survive, even the snail uses a shell to hide. So now even I wear it, even I change colors, even the real me prefers to hide inside..the only reason is even I have to survive.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

14 thoughts on “My genuineness…they thought was a mask

  1. Very beautiful. For me a mask not only “protects” you from outside forces but it holds you back from letting it the beautiful things in life. It’s like building a wall, you can’t really experience the outside world in the same way.

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