Should the love run deep?

I see people expressing love, displaying their affection so extravagantly. I also see people keeping their feelings to themselves loving silently and deeply. The dynamics of these feelings, expressions, and reciprocation is so complex that it leaves me baffled! If you express a lot to those whom you love , they feel good and happy. But if you feel the same level of affection at the same time and they don’t reciprocate you, it leaves you hurt and in pain.

But not all are capable to express their love and some preferably don’t . If you don’t feel, but you express your love lavishly, you feel less of pain. This comes with a side effect.. it deprives your love of passion. Despite this side effect, it helps the other way round. When your love lacks intensity, you don’t realize when your love is not reciprocated. This is more easy said than done.

Is that the only way to protect ourselves from getting hurt, express more feel less and get more love? The more sincere and genuine the love is the more silent it is. But if you don’t express you are left unloved..

What do you think should be done, should the love run deep or that empty heart should make more noise?

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye ( Chitkala Aditosh)

23 thoughts on “Should the love run deep?

  1. Love is uncontrolled combustion if we are talking about love, it doesn’t matter how much you care for someone there is love and then there is something lesser. When it’s love there is no holding back when you hold back that’s not love! that’s lesser

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      1. There are many groups of relationships with different degress of our comment to those relationships Parents, children, bests of friends. our mates. It’s reasonble to conculde their our different categories of love. My responce to your post was about real love of the heart, in all categories of love their is only one it is love or something less. your actions will dictate if its love or something less.


  2. You must express love as you see fit, but be wise about who you share it with if you need it returned the same. Some people just are not capable of reciprocating and/or expressing their deepest feelings.

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  3. I suggest both, love deep but also express that love. Loving with words is not always as powerful as with actions. But I suppose alot has to do with whom you are demonstrating that love. For some, just to know they are loved is enough. For others, they desire more. If it is romantic love, find out how they want to be loved and do that. Laughs….we (people) are so complicated…


  4. Always find a way to communicate sincere love whatever the intensity. When you pour out love from your vessel, it seems to refill without effort on your part. Be full of love, and life may be a little easier for you and those you come in contact with.//mm


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