..and my eyes stopped lying

How stupid and silly was I,

My eyes never learned to lie;

The emotion showed up,

Its sprout was so abrupt;

His naughty spying eyes,

For long, had hunted my lies;

Now they spotted my eyes,

Smart guys! Heard my sighs;

Their hunt finally ended,

Catching me red-handed!

Now my cheeks blushed red,

And truth, my eyes said;

That love had stepped out,

Without a hesitation or doubt;

The silent was now loud,

Shrugging off the shroud;

The loose ties unwoven,

Were knitted and woven;

Unsung song of my heart,

The spy heart now sought;

So the eyes stopped spying,

And my eyes stopped lying.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)


21 thoughts on “..and my eyes stopped lying

  1. An honest description of life. The psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich used the term “character armour” to describe the fixed persona we use in hopes that it will provide us with protection against threats from without (other people) and within (all the scary emotions we don’t want to leak out into the world). Many traditional cultures used masks in their religious ceremonies in recognition of the fact that we habitually hide our true selves.


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