Earn it!

We struggle with our emotions thinking we are not getting enough. We go on expecting after we put in efforts in relationships. As time passes we expect everything would get better.. But that never happens!

Eventually we feel the other person does not reciprocate and we give up or begin to think that she doesn’t deserve those efforts.

Give a thought.. time is not a magician.. even time takes time! What you need is patience.. The flowers don’t turn into ripe fruits with a magic wand. A change occurs with time and the right change needs effort and patience. If at all there exists a magical wand.. Its name is patience….Try it! !!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

7 thoughts on “Earn it!

  1. Thankyou I got connected as it’s almost 20 days and I haven’t been able to find her and talk. Just so much pain I just tried everything and it hurts. Thankyou again for such a beautiful piece.😍😍


  2. Patience is an “untrammeled” word, as you would idiosyncratically put it, in regards to your main topic of relationships when the OTHER party is not reciprocal nor caring to nurture a two way street 😉


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