The sun bathes the trees in its warmth, and the trees grow and bloom in the showers. All elements of nature are interdependent. Nature itself exists on interdependence.

But when it comes to human beings may it be a physical emotional or financial dependency we feel insecure. However, dependency is an attitude and not a condition. A person who is independent at core may temporarily be dependent on someone but is strong and capable enough to turn the tables any day and continue to be independent It comes to you the moment you decide.

Independence is about strength self-confidence, self belief and self respect. No one in this world can snatch it away from you.. come what may.. Just be ready to face the struggle and no one can stop you from being very much on your own!!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)


9 thoughts on “ attitude

  1. Exactly. We can never be entirely independent because we are part of society, but we can end up too dependent on one or more particular people, and a big part of this tends to be underestimating our ability to change things if we need to.


      1. I think the important thing is understanding in what ways we are dependent or independent. For instance, our existence is dependent on the ecosystem of which we are a part, but we have a good deal of independence of behaviour within that ecosystem, more so than other animals. And the same applies to our relationship to other people. We can’t do everything for ourselves, so it is important to maintain good relations with those who produce for us the things we can’t produce and who protect us from threats against which we would otherwise be exposed, etc. But it is important to recognise that we often have a good deal of independence to make choices within that state of dependency. For instance, we may be dependent on the advice of a medical expert when we get sick, but we can be independent in our choice of doctor. Independence always occurs within a framework of dependence.


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