A ride in life

I was very upset and disappointed. I was not able to sleep for a long time. I tried to close my eyes again.

Now I was sitting in a car and I turned the key to start my car. Suddenly, the darkness vanished and I felt myself driving the car on a smooth road through lush green trees. The breeze coming into the car was very pleasing. Before I could say, “Oh wow! What a weather!” The scortching sun hidden behind the clouds peeped out and soon the road was rough and the journey tiresome. Indeed a test of my patience! Then came a patch with a beautiful canopy of trees.. as if to welcome me and make me comfortable in the hot weather. I loved this surprise. Soon came the huge barren mountains and then the deep green valleys. My journey in the hot sun and the shadows of the green went on..

Suddenly I opened my eyes with enlightenment. I had realized something during this imaginary journey. Change is the law of life and nature. No patch lasts for long whether good or bad! There is always a surprise waiting for you in the journey or life..may it be a beautiful rain shower in the hot weather or lush green fields while traveling on a rough road! Enjoy the surprises and wait for another one till you pass the rocky patch in the journey.

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

14 thoughts on “A ride in life

  1. Beautiful! loved this one. True, we should let go the past, open the new doors, surprises are already waiting there 🙂


  2. Beautiful and very true. God is with us in both the great and difficult times, but sometimes we see where He is giving us respite from the hardship and other times we don’t make the connection. No matter what, change is universal and it always makes us different than we were before! Thanks for stopping by The Ruminant Scribe and liking the post. I appreciate it greatly. Best to you today.


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