The uncontrollable force within

I have heard many saying ..”I wanted to do it but the situations suppressed me..people around me were not supportive..I did not get a conducive environment for my growth..”
Nah..I don’t agree with them. Strong emotions of love for someone or something intensified with dedication and commitment…nothing stops them from growing. Nothing stops them from taking shape to materialise. May it be that will to struggle or survive or to achieve. it can neither be controlled nor can it be restricted. If you try to suppress it, the more powerfully it emanates.
It could be that baby in the womb who comes out the day it has to or that chick inside the egg that forces the egg to hatch. Nothing can imprison the growth of this force within. It eventually grows and establishes its existence despite all hurdles. This is the beauty of the force of the energy within.
Even true emotions of strong intensity cannot be suppressed or destroyed. It emerges in some form or the other and shows its face. Isn’t this a real test of the genuineness of the force within?

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

31 thoughts on “The uncontrollable force within

  1. I like the notion of irrepressible; uncontrollable? that implies being unable to direct or apply those forces towards desirable ends. Indeed, hatching is irrepressible, predetermined inertia programmed by nature. But, volition and will do not readily accede to opposition. I think that is the point you make so well.


  2. Beautifully said and so true! My partner and I left everything behind in order to travel in a travel trailer.
    We sold what we couldnโ€™t take along.
    If we would have made excuses for why we canโ€™t go, we would still be stuck in a small town on the other side of the country.


  3. This is a great read. Excuses only create more excuses! The funny thing is I just got off the phone with a friend just now talking about the same thing. Sometimes we get the message being sent to us if we listen closely enough. Thanks again!!!


  4. Hi Chitkala, yes. i believe in the Power within. Just to say thank you for dropping by, and liking my post on The Sculptor. Appreciated.


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