Too many facets😏

Human being is so complex! So many faces and so many dimensions! When we get to know a person we hardly know a face or two of this incredible complex being. As we proceed in our life, we take a look from different perspectives and get to see different faces from new dimensions. That’s where the tussle of our feelings start. We may still continue to accept but at one time something shakes you in and out making you realize that this was never the one you knew. You may accept and still continue to accept further or you may even walk away finding that person worthlees. You might get hurt, your heart may get torn into bits or you may be left unaffected. During this course of exploring people you may be left with painful experiences that enrich you. More the pain, more is the struggle and more is the strength. By the end of the exploration you realize…you are no longer you and eventually you have developed many more faces and dimensions too.

Now, why speak about someone else’s too many facets…you end up having your own!!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

22 thoughts on “Too many facets😏

  1. I believe with each face we develop, we learn a few things. And the only thing that matters is what we keep with us and what we discard away. Because I believe each and every one of us has a unique face and our own identity, in a matter of speaking.


  2. When the harsh slings and arrows of Fate start chiselling us, these end up creating many facets of ours. Perhaps, each face corresponds with each of the roles we play in life. But again this depends on the kind of situation one is in.
    Prejudices get formed when we start believing that an individual would react to a stimulus in a predictable manner, or that his reactions would be limited to 2-3 kinds, based on what we have experienced in the past.


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