The seeds you sowed

My life was an arid, dry land in tears,

Your words showered  bringing smiles,

Leading me to the world of  happiness,

Taking away my heavy bundle of toils;

Your powerful words healed my heart,

In my life, sowing that magical thought,

The blunt and weak got sharp and strong,

It was then.. those bold battles I fought;

The thoughts you had sown long back,

Have now grown into very tall trees,

My heart nourishes them with warmth,

As I hear your voice in the forest breeze;

I feel you in their flowers’ fragrance,

As I stroll in the forest of these trees,

I meet you in my reflection in the lake,

In the love shower of your memories!

Copyright 2018 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh)

18 thoughts on “The seeds you sowed

      1. Nice, Chitkala. Love your writing.
        Thanks again, for dropping by, and liking my recently written article.


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